Posted by: sanjayshetty | November 25, 2009

Intrinsic Value as described in Security Analysis – using Concept Visuals

Ok, I must confess, reading Security Analysis is a shade difficult, I feel sleepy after reading 5 pages at a stretch.

I’ve just been reading Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett (Security Analysis Prior Editions), which I’d recommend to all. It’s updated with new commentary by great current value investors such as Seth Klarman, James Grant, Bruce Greenwald and others. I had an earlier copy of the book, however, I must say, the additional commentary by these great investors really helped me understand so much more. It’s a true gem which every value investor must have.

So I got around to reading and learning the book in a different way, using Concept Visuals(a technique invented by a friend of mine, Sanjay Vyas). I made a Concept Visual about Intrinsic Value as described by them in the book…(do let me know your feedback after viewing it.)

Intrinsic Value as defined by Benjamin Graham (using a Concept Visual)



  1. Thank you! Good post.

    It may be a great if you can add more details to the video.


  2. Great post….thanks a lot for sharing this video with us.

  3. Great way to present concepts. Two hours after viewing the video, I could still “see” in my mind’s eye what you had presented. Please continue with your teaching.

  4. Why U stopped writing Sanjay.

    • Have been busy with a startup I’ve been running for two years now…

  5. the video looks cool. may I know the software you used to create that 🙂

    • Hi Lalit,

      I’ve created this on a tablet pc, and nowadays I typically do screen capture using Techsmith Camtasia (I had done this one using Tipcam). You might want to view my site where you’ll find many more visual explanations.


      Sanjay Shetty

      • Sanjay, thanks for quick response. Can you tell what is the app on the tablet? Sorry for asking irrelevant question on this post.

  6. On the Tablet I’ve been using Microsoft’s OneNote to draw. You could use any painting software. With OneNote, I can convert my drawing to a pdf or add more notes as relevant.

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