Posted by: sanjayshetty | April 3, 2009

Top value stocks in India

A lot of readers have often asked about free sources, providing 10 years data of companies, listed on the Indian stock market. As far as I’m aware there are none. However, a good listing of value stocks is available in the current issue, 03 April 2009 of Outlook Profit. It has a list of what’s going cheap, why and where to look. A Rs. 50 investment in the magazine I believe will go a long way in getting a good list of candidates for investment. Outlook profit is a fortnightly publication and each issue atleast has more than one good article worth reading.

I must say I’m not totally convinced by their list of 100 value stocks, there are however, quite a few which have piqued my interest.

Happy hunting.

P.s. The online version of the magazine features past issues, here so if you’d like to wait and check out the 3 April 2009 issue, you might want to wait and check their site some time later this month.



  1. There are MANY sources starting from, to website of most leading newspapers (ET, BS, etc.)

  2. seems to have data going back 10 years.

  3. Found good stock screeners buried in, when I had totally given up home. It has good ways to analyze stocks in the same sector – One example check this out –

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