Investing Articles

I’ll be listing articles on investing which I’ve found interesting. If you’d like to add an article which you find interesting, please post it in the comments of this page.

Measuring True Profitability

Calculating the Value of a Business



  1. Hi Sanjay,

    Your site is good and i am benefitting a lot from it. Its a good initiative to disseminate the knowledge of value investing.Keep it up!

    I need a small help from you. I am trying to get “Authentic” cash flow data for indian companies for last 10 years(at least!). Joe has suggested Morningstar where all this is available handy and reliable. Do you know about any indian site which provides similar data?

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi,

      I’m MBA student and found your profile valuable to provide me some information. My research topic is “understanding the investor’s perception towards stock investment”. I made few questions for analyzing data on the same, so please fill up the questionnaire through following link and also forward it to your peer group. Appreciate your interest and time

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