Technology, to photography, to investing, these are the 3 areas which keep me intrigued besides my beautiful wife -) The entrepreneurial bug constantly bites me, causing me to explore various business models.

 FYI-The picture on the main page is a photograph of Bandra reclamation a suburb in Mumbai, INDIA. You can see more of my pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sanjayshetty

Happy reading and and please feel free to comment on my posts and share your knowledge.



  1. Dear Sanjay,

    I got to your blog after searching for stock screeners.. thank you for the informaion.

    It was nice to read your status, it is pretty similar to mine. I also opened an account in Zecco to trade in the US, I have been reading alot about value investing and find it difficult to translate it into practice. I just recently figured out I will need to start from a screener..

    . I still need to understand how do I transfer fonds to the Zecco account, by the way, is it difficult to enter to your trading account or is it just my connection?

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Ran,

    My Zecco trading account, just opened last Friday. I will be transferring funds to it this week.

    Ref: Fund Transfer: The basic process for fund transfer is quite simple you need to copy the information provided by Zecco on their site (http://www.zecco.com/trading/TradingReference.aspx?tab=Funding) and provide that information to your bank. Typically from India a fund transfer would take between 2-4 working days.
    If you’re in the US I believe 1-2 working days.

    Ref: Getting into your trading account, I feel it might be your connection speed, I’m using a 512Kb connection and it works fine for me.


  3. Sanjay,
    I read the same materials you’ve read. Thank you for providing additional insight/materials on the same subjects.

    I really like your S&P 500 scanner, but is it possible to scan other indexes? Why did you choose S&P 500?

    By the way, I read this report on Robert Kiyosaki years ago. Though his message is quite clear, his marketing and multiple books publishing has turned me off.

    I still have to go through Joe Ponzio’s site (I read everything on Phil Town’s blog). All this investment studying is quite difficult to digest at first, but hopefully it’ll become easier.

    Again, thanks for the excel sheet, I’ll be sure to use it to screen stocks.

    Appreciates your work,

    PS: Your photos are FANTASTIC!!!

  4. Oh btw, I scanned & graded all 7000 symbols using rule 1 method, and there are no obvious companies to choose from. Hopefully the FWallStreet Method will make things easier.

  5. Hi Peter,

    I chose the S&P 500 primarily cause the companies in that list are typically better, that doesn’t mean you might not find jewels in the other indexes… btw you can replace the S&P 500 list in the Excel sheet with any other list/index of companies publicly traded… btw I’m building a rule#1 scanner as well, two companies have come up from the S&P 500 in my initial pre-scan, one was NVIDIA Corp.(NVDA) and the other was Freeport-McMoran Cp & Gld(FCX). I’ll post my Rule#1 scanner shortly online on my blog.

  6. Hi Sanjay,

    I have following queries for you:

    Do you invest in Indian market? If yes will you be able to help me to find following parameters:

    1. Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
    2. EQUITY
    3. SALES
    4. FREE CASH

    from Indian stock site like:
    Rediff.com or moneycontrol.com.

    I was just able to figure out EPS from rediff.com and not able to find the other parameters because they might be having different name compare to USA market sites.


  7. Hello Sanjay,

    Like your site and your name, since its my name as well.

    I went through the stock screener and also at Joes site, a lot of people seems to like FCF as well as CROIC, are there any other parameters that is more comprehesive when looking at a company?

    FCF..ROE..CROIC…what are the other types you guys prefer?

  8. Very well written Blog,

    And why not monetize the blog with google adsense.Google likes content driven blogs – ur blog value to readers is very good.I am a new reader.Buffet and Ben fan – learning to invest intelligently.

    Keep posting great value stuff !!!

  9. Hi Sanjay,

    I liked your blogs and gained a lot of insight. The links to other blogs and books is also very useful.

    If you are interested in blogging about investing in India, or other India-related topics, I welcome you to join me on lifestyles.co.in where my plan is to cover various lifestyle topics that Indians look for information.

    Feel free to get in touch with me for questions/ comments.

  10. Thanks alot for your fwall street screener with the macro’s!!

  11. Dude, what format is this S&P500 screener in? I keep getting a file conversion error when I follow your link to the file — fwallstreet_model-modified-for-sp500-2003-version-10.doc . It does not appear to be a file compatible with Word 2003.

  12. Never mind. I figured out that this is really an Excel spreadsheet instead of a Word document. As such, it probably should have an Excel extension (like xls) instead of ‘doc’ extension. I was able to download this file and save it and once I changed the extension to ‘xls’, everything worked fine. Maybe you ought to change it on this website. Thanks.

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