Posted by: sanjayshetty | January 22, 2008

The great sale has begun!!!

It’s an amazing time for the Intelligent investor. Markets globally have fallen considerably. Is there more downside, I have no clue, and I don’t care as long as I get companies at a discount to their intrinsic value. Stock prices have fallen the value of stocks/companies hasn’t changed.  Who knows when such an opportunity might come again, or maybe it will last for some time 🙂 Eitherways, based on research you’ve done, it’s time to check and probably buy companies which you feel are great Rule#1 companies at a discount.

Sadly most people I’ve spoken to can’t even make purchases/sales via the various brokerage sites, it’s quite silly. However, the panic is driving prices further down, which is all the more better for the patient Intelligent Investors.

In a recent interview on CNBC (Aug 15 2007), Buffett said:

“Generally speaking, when there’s a certain amount of chaos in certain sections, it is unpredictable where the fallout will be, but the fallout offers some real opportunity”

(P.s. I know this is the shortest post I’ve recently made. However please don’t email or request me to recommend a specific company, as I’m quite busy myself right now doing my final selections on companies I want to buy, which are currently trading at a discount.)

Cheers, Happy Investing!



  1. Will Not ask you about stocks or reco’s but been reading your blog for sometime, so Hello !!
    Would you be open to some stock check which I have got on my list after doing basic prelim check, primarily on parameters of current PE, last few quarter results, market conditions, order book, BV etc.

    Shree lakshmi cotsyn
    Kesoram Ind
    Ashapura mine chem
    Birla Corp

    Vivek Nath

  2. Out of the companies you’ve mentioned,except Ashapura Minechem, I haven’t looked thru the other companies. I don’t have a clue about them. I’ll try looking thru them, just don’t know when 🙂

    I’ve checked Ashapura Minechem, it’s not exactly a Rule#1 company, I’d taken a chance though. I had invested in this 6 months ago, before the bonus was issued etc. It’s still a decent company, however, now it’s above MOS, though below sticker.

  3. Thanks Sanjay. Infact I did read through your top post on Rule #1. Will pick up the book too.

    If you do find sometime, please have a look at these stocks and in the mean time let me run these firms through the MOS and rest of the parameters. Just a quick question , whats the avg annual return you have been targeting to get the MOS>

    I hope you will not be too hassled in case I bother you with some questions ( better than asking tips I feel:))


  4. 15% is the avg annual return I’ve been tragetting to arrive at the Sticker Price, and I take a 50% MOS.

  5. Hi Sanjay,

    I did some hoemwork with Shree lakshmi cotsyn and just wanted to share some details with you. Is there some email Id where I can reach you or if you can send me a test mail at


  6. Sanjay,
    I’ve been using your fwallstreet excel sheet (are you currently using this still?). Before the ticker “SAP” used to work, but now it doesn’t work anymore. Do you have any idea why? It’s not a financial company.

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