Posted by: sanjayshetty | October 8, 2007

Guru Stock Screeners

I decided to do a follow up post on my earlier Free Stock Screeners post, however with a twist. Most of us get introduced to the markets by learning or following a particular Guru, so here goes.
(Note: Consider the stocks turned up by guru screens as candidates worthy of further research, not a buy list.)

Benjamin Graham

1. – There are a number of stock screens here based on different criteria, Screens which return companies trading at two-thirds or less of their Net Current Asset Value per share. Explanation of how the screen performs is also available Details on the portfolio performance are also available.

2. – . . based on Benjamin Graham’s Trading System. Here again they describe their understanding of Graham’s methods.

Warren Buffet This is one more screen from the same site as above, however based on Buffet. They mention about Mary Buffet’s book, “The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World’s Most Famous Investor” by Mary Buffett, a former daughter-in-law of Buffett’s, and David Clark, a family friend and portfolio manager. However they don’t clarify if they are using techniques mentioned in the book. I’m not clear on what methodology they’re following here. FYI they also have a Peter Lynch Screen

Generic Guru Screeners

1. – NASDAQ provides a Guru stock screener which covers Graham, Peter Lynch, James P. O’Shaughnessy, David Dreman, Martin Zweig, Kenneth Fisher etc.

MSN’s stock screener is quite versatile and here’s is an article frollowed by a value stock screener based on MSN.
Understanding MSN Stock screener and setting Guru parameters: 
+ Guru Screen:



  1. Hi

    Thansk to you, I discovered some good screener sites. You may like to check out this one and others at NASDAQ screeners

    And post about them

  2. Thank you for the interesting post. i am still searching the screens for benjamin graham, piotroski and peter lynch for the msn stock screener. any ideas?

  3. The MSN Stock Screener doesn’t specifically provide a screening criteria for graham, peter lynch etc.

  4. Can somebody tell me about ant stock screener on Indian Stock Market ie BSE or NSE?

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