Posted by: sanjayshetty | June 22, 2005

more on …Crossing 7000 BSE Sensex

A friend(Vishal Shrimankar) at the RichDad-Bombay club had a viewpoint to share…

Excess Liquidity.

Basically more $ being printed and available in the Intl market. These $ need a place to get invested and currently Asia and within it India seems a prime candidate.

Hence one would expect event more heights ahead for the sensex and even higher property and other prices. But how long would this party last?

He passed an interesting link to an interview with Richard Duncan the author of the The Dollar Crisis. The interview throws light and shares more information on Excess Liquidity issue. I might pick the book and give it a read. Another similar interview can be found here.

Sanjay Shetty
P.S. The RichDad-Bombay club meets every Saturday with the aim to increase the financial literacy of its members. Feel free to join the online forum and attend the meetings.


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